Accounting performed in the client’s office

The financial reporting and accounting service can run at the client’s premises.

In this service are understood, namely:

  • Dislocation of technical personnel and customer support for the classification and computer launch of accounting documents;
  • Management consulting and tax support;
  • Analysis and periodic management support reports;
  • Filling in mandatory tax returns;
  • Responsibility of Official Account Technicians


  • Analysis and reconciliation of current accounts;
  • Asset control;
  • Preparation of reconciliations of current accounts of banks;
  • Monthly presentation of reason balancesheets;
  • Closing work and clearance of Results;
  • Preparation, analysis and review of financial statements;
  • Supervision of current accounting and tax operations;
  • Tax impact studies arising from corporate investment policies;
  • Optimization of profitability by choosing the best tax solutions
  • Timely information on major changes in place of tax and parafiscal legislation
  • Provision of clarifications, whenever the company our client so understands it.