Regardless of the size of your company or your business area, NaRede has the required qualifications, know-how, and capacity to guarantee the right accounting accounts for micro, small, medium, and large companies.

With the same commitment, we also provide our services to individual clients, such as the self-employed and employees.

Customer service

We combine the convenience factor with optimizing companies’ time by providing accounting and financial reporting services at our client’s premises, requiring NaRede specialists to schedule their trips in good time.

We guarantee the execution of the following tasks:

  • Responsibility of Certified Accountants;
  • Classification and computer entry of accounting documents;
  • Filling in mandatory tax returns;
  • Analysis and reconciliation of current accounts;
  • Asset control;
  • Preparation of bank account reconciliations;
  • Monthly presentation of reason balancesheets;
  • Closing work and clearance of Results;
  • Preparation, analysis and review of financial statements;
  • Supervision of current accounting and tax operations;
  • Management consulting and tax support;
  • Analysis and periodic management support reports;
  • Tax impact studies arising from corporate investment policies;
  • Optimizing profitability by choosing the best tax solutions;
  • Timely information on important changes in tax and parafiscal legislation;
  • Providing clarification.