Incentive Systems Applications

For companies based or with establishments in Portugal, a set of incentives are available in order to enhance the investment, enhance the hiring of new employees, or ensure the operation.

The entire investment project should be analyzed individually, according to their specificities, in order to be framed in the appropriate incentive system. They should also be carefully considered in order to avoid unnecessary spending.

Narede works with its partners from the initial phase of project preparation to its completion. We analyze the feasibility of the project and the financing possibilities in order to ensure the choice of the right options for the project. Narede guarantees the completion of the entire application process and monitoring of the implementation of the project.

Narede makes applications for incentives from various operational programs:

Through these incentive systems it is possible to:


Professional internships:

The stages vision ensure a professional experience to specific unemployed groups. They are a way to start a working relationship with financing that reaches 80 of the spending on trainees.

Hiring Awards:

They aim to increase the hiring of employees in various modalities, with premiums that can reach 18 times the Indexer of Social Support (IAS), about 7,800.00€ per contracting.

Example Investment Incentive

Space Remodeling €45,000,00
Computer Equipment 7,500,00 €
Computer software 6,500,00 €
Basic Equipment 40,000,00 €
Advertising and Marketing 15,000,00 €
Total 114,000,00 €
Incentive Rate 50,0%
Incentive Value (Lost Fund) 57,000,00 €
Complementary Credit Line 34.200,00 €
Equity 22,800,00 €

*Example based on a real case of approved and received incentive.



Support is available for the operation of companies that propose to develop research and development projects that lead to the creation of new products, processes or systems, or introduce significant improvements in products, processes or existing systems. This type of incentives has support rates ranging from 25 to 80.

Operation2020 is another incentive available (only for companies based in the Autonomous Region of Madeira) and supports companies with more than two years of activity by reducing their current expenses, by participating in personnel expenses, with rents, facilities and transport of raw materials and intermediate products, incurred in the previous year.

There are also diverse production contributions such as POSEI or POSEIMA.
Narede also works with other incentive systems, always looking for the best solutions for the business of its partners.

Example Operation 2020

Payroll expenses in the year n-1

52,500,00 €

Spending on Social Security Contributions in year n-1

11,550,00 €

Incomes in the year n-1

13,200,00 €
Electricity and Water Expenses in the year n-1 1,800,00 €

Accounting Expenses (limit of 2000€) in year n-1

2,000,00 €


81,050,00 €

Incentive Rate

Incentive Value (Lost Fund) 6,078,75 €

*Example based on a real case of approved and received incentive.

Examples of some headings that may be considered eligible depending on the helpline:

– Refurbishment and expansion works; – Basic equipment; – Administrative equipment; – Tools and utensils; – Preparation of the Application Project and other projects necessary for its implementation; – Expenditure on investments in energy efficiency; – Expenditure on information and communication technologies; – cargo and transport equipment, provided that a direct and essential connection with the employment project is proven; – Costs of salaries, contributions to Mon. incomes of facilities and transport of raw materials and intermediate products.

The following expenses with:
– acquisition of land, real estate or property to individuals; – Interest associated with bank loans and leasing of facilities and equipment; – Internal operating costs of the company; – Light passenger vehicles that are not related to the company’s corporate purpose; – Works for the company itself; – all investment items which do not have significant importance for the development of the project; – VAT, except where supported by beneficiaries who are not reimbursed of the tax paid in the purchases of goods and services.