Our history as a company dedicated to accounting and management support began in January 2012, when we opened our first office, a modest 30 m2 office located in the town of Ribeira Brava. Small in terms of space, but big in our desire to make a difference in providing services in the areas of Taxation, Accounting, Management Consulting, Projects and Applications for European Funds.

We achieved this distinctive feature when we launched the pioneering concept of Online Management, providing our clients with the most advanced management tools that speed up access to accounting and human resources information, consultation, clarification of doubts, among other advantages, including the optimization of time, which allowed us to invest in personalized advice.

A year and a half after the opening of the small office, the considerable portfolio of regional and national clients meant that they had to move to another, more appropriate space, also located in the town of Ribeira Brava.

And because the success of our clients necessarily generates our success, on September 26, 2017 NaRede relocated its headquarters to the city of Funchal. Located at number 3 Rua das Hortas, the modern and spacious 500 m2 facilities are divided into three different floors, one of which is used for conferences, training and clarification sessions aimed not only at the team, but also at our clients.

“Each client is unique and, unlike numbers, there is a whole dynamic based on different factors that need time and the utmost attention. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to advice, which is undoubtedly one of our strongest points.”

Gabriel Batista

Founding partner of NaRede

“Over time, we showed our competence and the recognition was immediate. We opened the company to make a difference, channeling all our efforts into achieving business success for our clients. I have to say that, over the years, NaRede has been lucky enough to meet fantastic people, spectacular clients who have quickly become our partners.”

José Luís Fernandes

Founding partner of NaRede

Our purpose

By focusing on quality, speed, the use of innovative technologies and an unbreakable foundation of trust with customers, NaRede has implemented a solid business philosophy with the aim of turning every contact, every service provided, into a firm and lasting partnership of success.

Much more than an accounting firm, NaRede is dedicated to building relationships based on such fundamental foundations as honesty, trust, commitment, rigor, entrepreneurship and respect. We assume ourselves to be the zealous and indispensable partner for every client committed to the path of business success.